Customise and Give Your Kicks a New Look Every Season (Or Week)

Your shoes say a lot about you, and making sure your shoes match the things going on around is a big deal. Having too many pairs of shoes can quickly become an expensive way of staying on top of the ball, it’s much easier to customise your favorite pair so they always suit your exciting life as well as they fit your feet.

1/ Obtain a good Shoe Stretch Spray to make your shoes fit better than ever!

So before you start, make sure you’ve got a pair of shoes that fit well. A comfortable pair of shoes will make more of a difference to your day than any other item of clothing so pick your best set and you’ll be able to feel as good as you look. If your shoes are feeling a little tight then there is a simple solution to bring it back to the comfortable pair it used to be and that is some shoe stretch spray. This nifty invention allows you to add a little bit of stretch and flex to your shoes that will leave them feeling ever more comfortable.

2/ Add a bit of fun personality with a shoe colour change cream!

To make sure your shoes are always looking tip top and full of personality, you can always change their colour. Using a simple shoe colour change cream, you can not only top up the colour of your shoes but you can completely change them! If you’ve got a big meeting in the morning but you’re heading straight out to an important date then you can save the hassle of taking spare shoes and just change the colour of the ones you’re already wearing! You’ll have the comfort you deserve with the style to match your surroundings.


3/ Swap for a new pair of shoe laces

Now, a bit less obvious than changing the colour of the entire shoe is to just change the shoe laces! These vital parts of the shoe can also be used as an accessory to add a little bit of your personality through your footwear. Numerous pairs of shoe laces won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but will completely transform your whole wardrobe! So just pick your favorite pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear and jazz them up with different laces for all occasions!

Shoes are fashion accessories that people don’t take advantage of enough these days and you could completely spice things up for yourself. With the ability to change up the colour of your shoes or mix up different shoe laces, you’ll be making a statement without even needing to be vocal about it. Whether you’re looking for a professional look, an opportunity to stand out of the crowd or just hoping to make a little bit of a change from day to day, then try new shoe laces and a change of colour! You’ll find yourself doing it for all occasions!


Give your shoes the caring they deserve, whether it’s leather or your every-day casual pair of shoes, be sure to be on top of the best shoe care possible and your shoes will last ages, whilst going through dozens of stages of exciting looks and color changes! Explore more tips and tricks to upkeep your shoes and leather products at