Ladies Foot Comfort Tips and Tricks

Sometimes the nicest looking shoes aren’t always the most comfortable. For years us ladies have been harming ourselves in the name of fashion but do we need to carry on suffering in silence? Well, how would you feel if you could wear the most stunning shoes without suffering at all! I know, it sounds like a fantasy, but the future is here and it’s about time we took advantage of it.

Tip number 1: Heel grips all the way!


Now we all know how impossible it is to find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly. Yes, we all get given the standardised size for our feet which means rarely do they fit perfectly. The size below is too tight and the size above leaves you running the risk of losing your shoe mid walk! Well, dealing with this needn’t be a nightmare. A simple invention has saved us all and that is ‘heel grips’. Invented for the purpose of helping you keep your shoes on your feet, no matter what kind of shoes they are. Made from absorbable material which helps to keep your feet dry and further enhances the gripping capabilities, no longer do you need to run the risk of losing your shoes when you’re racing to catch the train.

Tip number 2: Get your heel cushions


Of course it’s not always about keeping the shoes on your feet. There are plenty of times that is just about keeping your feet comfortable on a daily basis. Whether you’re running a busy job, have painful feet caused by excessive walks or you just want to give your feet a little bit of a break – a heel cushion can do you the world of good. Designed to reduce the amount of shock that travels up into your feet with each footfall, the vibrations you feel when you’re walking can cause you a lot of problems later in life. By preventing these issues now you’re giving your feet a much-needed break before they become problematic.

Tip number 3: Add shoe insoles


Similarly, shoe insoles are designed to reduce the impact of walking, running and any other forms of exercise. Gel insoles are highly versatile and can help with many different medical conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and flat feet. The great thing about shoe insoles is that there are so many on the market designed to help with all kinds of pain, so whether you’ve got chronic foot pain or you just want to give your feet a bit of a break from the daily running around, then there’s a shoe insole designed for you.

The world of fashion no longer needs to be a painful one and we are lucky enough to live in an age where there are inventions left, right and centre that will help us to look after our feet, as well as we look after the rest of our body. No matter what your foot issue is, there is a solution for you so follow some of the tips we’ve mentioned and you’ll feel the world of difference.

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