How to care for Suede and Nubuck shoes?

What’s the difference between suede and nubuck shoes?

Suede and nubuck made shoes have always been popular. Immortalised by Elvis Presley, suede has entered into the popular culture and brings a certain level of class with it. The differences between the two materials are subtle, both being leather, suede has been sanded on the inside of the leather, whereas nubuck has been sanded on the outer layer. This can be an important difference, as this means nubuck can be a little more durable than suede.

It is always wise to take care of your shoes and give them a regular clean, no matter what material they are. Suede and Nubuck require an extra level of attention to keep their quality for longer. In this article, we are going to go over some of the ways you can keep your nubuck and suede shoes pristine, whatever the colour might be.

How to care for Suede and Nubuck shoes?

The first step to maintaining your shoes is to purchase a good suede and nubuck shoe brush. These brushes have been designed with fine bristles that when brushed over the nap of the shoe, can remove dust and dirt with ease. This will also help maintain the look of the material. With heavier suede boots, a harder/thicker bristled shoe brush may be required.

If your shoes have become particularly dirty, then a more thorough clean may be required. If this is the case, there are many products on the market to help you out. After brushing all around, to remove excess dirt and dust, simply spray the suede cleaner all over and then using a cloth or brush to scrub the cleaner into the material. Removing stains or scuffs as quickly as possible is important to keeping your suede or nubuck shoes looking great longer. Leaving marks untreated could permanently stain the material, making it more difficult to remove later on. On top of the various cleaning products you can purchase, you can also use a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar to remove stains. By gently wiping the solution over the stained area, you should in no time at all have your shoes looking as good as brand new again.

Protecting your suede or nubuck shoes should never be neglected, especially if the weather is beginning to turn and rain is becoming more regular. Waterproofing your shoes before wearing them is a good tip for long term care. There are many sprays available for you to do this and will certainly be a worthwhile purchase.

When we have a brand new pair of shoes, we like to show them off. Over time, all shoes begin to look less pristine, unfortunately, suede and nubuck are particularly susceptible to stains and scuffs, so taking good care of them should become a higher priority than other materials. Just remember the few steps you can take; regular brushing, a good clean when you notice any scuffs and waterproofing before use.

By following these simple steps, your suede or nubuck shoes will stay in good condition for years to come.